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Skeleton Lord Ability Chaining — Skeleton Lords encountered during Tall Tales can now use their abilities in sequences to aid them in combat.

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For example, a Skeleton Lord can now initiate a knockback and summon reinforcements or teleport to a new location or both before players can recover. Gunpowder Skeletons — The Gunpowder Skeleton spawn rate has been reduced while players are out exploring Islands.

Emergent Skeletons — When freely exploring the world outside the constraints of a Voyage, the difficulty of emergent skeletons has been reduced to ensure newer players have a safer time exploring. For players on a Voyage, rank-appropriate emergent skeletons will still spawn to challenge you and your crew. Skeleton Difficulty Across Higher Ranks — On higher-rank Voyages, crews will encounter fewer skeletons with large health pools and instead face off against more skeletons in waves, reducing the frustration of those longer, more drawn-out skeleton encounters. When successfully blocking a sword strike, the defender will now correctly see the block VFX and block animations.

Players holding on to the bottom rung of a ship ladder are once again vulnerable to damage from ranged weapons. Players are no longer able to harpoon the fishing float, but we enjoyed the videos while they lasted! Players will no longer be staggered when on a ship located close to an island experiencing an earthquake. The audio experience has been improved when cooking on a Galleon so that players can clearly hear the cooking sounds through the grate.

Smaller female pirates now correctly grip tankards with decorations attached such as the Glorious Sea Dog Tankard. Navigating the Settings menus then restarting the game will no longer show the previous Settings options highlighted. The front end Session Setup panel is now cleared correctly when joining a crew through an invite.

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Gunpowder Keg Hit Detection — While improvements have been made across the melee and ranged hit detection in this build, in situations of intense movement and action, players may continue to experience issues hitting gunpowder kegs at range. This is not a regression but something that became more apparent following the improvements to player vs. Tall Tales Commendations Showing as Incomplete — Some players may find that after completing Shores of Gold Commendations and receiving their rewards, the Commendations still show as incomplete. To learn more about the currently tracked known issues in Sea of Thieves and their status, head over to the Known Issues category on our support site.

You can discuss these release notes in the Forums here.

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You can leave your feedback on the game in general here. Looking for new crewmates? We've got a bunch of places you can visit to seek out like-minded pirates, so sail on over to these official Sea of Thieves hangouts:. The Game. Play Now.

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A Thief Of Notes

Release Notes 2. Dark Relics. Game Balancing. Fixed Issues. General When successfully blocking a sword strike, the defender will now correctly see the block VFX and block animations. When placed on a moving ship, gunpowder kegs will once again take damage from sword attacks. Fish caught and left on fishing rods will still be visible following server migration. Pirate phrases are now present for all raw fish types. Traps located inside caves will no longer be heard by players outside the caves.

The Arena It is no longer possible to harpoon players who have already been killed in The Arena. Players will be removed from the tavern cannon when migrating to a new server. Players can no longer get stuck on a barrel near the Sanctuary Outpost tavern. Players will no longer find plants clipping through rocks on Lone Cove.

The pond on the southeast tip of Old Faithful Isle has been filled with water. Examine the objects on the beach shown in the above screenshot. You find the note among them.

Notes on Animation: The Thief and the Cobbler

You can find the first journal note soon after you leave the cave behind the waterfall, where Nate slid down over the steep surface. On the left, find the skeleton shown in the above screenshot. You can find the second journal note soon after you have encountered the group of mercenaries. After you get into a new part of the forest, go straight ahead and climb onto the first ledge on the left. You find the note by the skeleton shown in the above screenshot.


To Catch a Thief Summary

You can find the first journal note at the very beginning of the chapter, i. Start by jumping over rooftops and find the cottage shown in the above screenshot. Jump inside across the window and find the note on the table. You can find the second journal note right after you have encountered the first mercenary group. Walk into the new building, jump down to a lower level and collect the note from the table.

In this chapter, you can obtain three journal notes. You find the first one in the crate next to the bureau, on the left after the chapter starts. You can obtain two more from the drawer, near the destroyed paintings and next to the bureau that you shove with Sam. In this chapter, there are two journal notes, that you obtain towards the end of the chapter. The first one is near the dam that you had to open with the turning wheel. After you jump over the bridge, on the right side of the road, you will find a small ladder.

Go there. In the building, there is the first note. The other one is near the waterfall that you climb next to. As soon as you spot a bottleneck under which you have to crouch, do not go there and turn right instead. Climb onto the ledge. In this chapter, there are as many as six journal notes. You find the first one on the bed in the building shown in the screenshot. The second one is on the skeleton of the hanged woman. The third one is on the desk. The fourth one is on the edge of the table by which the pirates were poisoned.

The fifth one is in the neighboring room, in the fireplace. You receive the sixth one from Elena as a part of the mission.

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In this mission, there is only one note. Right after you split with Sam again, and you go with Elena and Sully, go past the stone arch and enter into the building on the right. The note is next to the bottles. The game shows that there are two journal notes in this chapter. However, the last one is available in chapter You can find the last note close to the hearth, near footprints left by Sam.

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It is on the skeleton.

A Thief Of Notes A Thief Of Notes
A Thief Of Notes A Thief Of Notes
A Thief Of Notes A Thief Of Notes
A Thief Of Notes A Thief Of Notes
A Thief Of Notes A Thief Of Notes
A Thief Of Notes A Thief Of Notes
A Thief Of Notes A Thief Of Notes

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