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My mother used to say to never think about heady things in the dark of night. Perhaps such instances indicate that the root of fear lies in our profound attachments, caring very strongly about someone or something or some ideal. Underlying our most meaningful relationships is the stark awareness of mortality standing doggedly in the way of the blissful continuation of these connections.

Fear is a real and visceral emotion, experienced physiologically in the body as well as psychologically in the mind.

Ch.1: All Security Involves Trade-offs

It has deeply-seated existential implications. Fear can shake us to the core. Truth be told, we are conditioned to feel fear, and therefore it becomes much like any bad habit. In given situations, we unwittingly choose fear, due to unconscious desires for things to be different than they are.

The landmark experiment of Little Albert and the white rat, conducted by famed psychologist John B.

Moving Beyond Fear: Survival Skills for the Real World - WSJ

Watson, will forever exemplify the capacity of the human being to become conditioned to pretty much anything. Watson then paired loud, crashing noises with bringing the white rat into the room, and soon enough, Little Albert learned to fear his former furry friend. Albert would cry out in anguish every time he saw the white rat, even when it was accompanied by no noise at all. In the same way, we learn to generate fear reactions over and over again to many things in our lives.

Every day, newspapers are filled with fear-provoking headlines.

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Face it, fear sells. These are scary times. Eastern scholar Chogyam Trungpa writes eloquently about fear and how to overcome it in his discussion of fearlessness, a place not absent of fear, but somewhere beyond it.

Scream Machine

Daring, one comes to see, has its own energy, uplifting and free. Fear, on the other hand, is experienced as discomfort in the body. It is processed in the brain and interpreted in ways that all too often stimulate the primitive fight-or-flight response, sending reams of the stress hormone, cortisol, racing through the nervous system. But, these days, stress is more likely the result of family, work, or personal concerns and upsets, rather than the imminent threat of death-by-lion.

Yet, the human body does not make this distinction.

How Does It Work?

The resulting over-production of cortisol contributes to such stress related diseases as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression, mood disorders and suppressed immune function. Fear literally makes us sick. Courage is born in the willingness to feel all of our human emotions, including the tenderness of a broken heart.

If you drop it, it will break or chip. But the bravery of the warrior is like a lacquer cup…if the cup drops, it will bounce rather than break. Schneier's practical approach to problem-solving is a refreshing antidote to today's doomsday pessimism and anxiety.

Ch.2: Security Trade-offs Are Subjective

With the technical know-how and common sense that have made him one of the world's top security experts, Schneier shows how we can move beyond fear to start thinking sensibly and creatively about security. Although he made his name as an alpha geek in cryptography Schneier avoids the politics to get to a truth. This extraordinarily clear and powerful analysis by the leading thinker in security of our time gives everyone--from policymakers to citizens--a way of understanding, and resolving, one of the most important issues facing society today.

Whatever your trade and whatever your background, go ahead and read it This is possibly the most important question of this decade, and that makes Schneier's book one of the most important texts of the decade. This should be required reading for every American Spinellis Computing Reviews V.

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If you read the newspapers or listen to the pundits you might answer "yes" to these questions, but the truth will surprise you. Security expert Bruce Schneier has spent his entire career figuring out how security actually works, and he explains it all in this entertaining and readable book.

Beyond Fear goes beyond the hype, and explains how we all can think sensibly about security. In today's uncertain world, security is too important to be left to others. Drawing from his experience advising world business and political leaders, Schneier demonstrates the practical—and surprisingly simple—steps we can all take to address the real threats faced by our families, our communities, and our nation.

Security is not mysterious, Bruce Schneier tells us, and contrary to popular belief, it is not hard.

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