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[pdf/epub] Dragon Blade (War of the Blades, #2) By J.D. Hallowell

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DRAGON BLADE : Jackie Chan vs. John Cusack

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Angelbound Special Edition. Raging Sea and Trembling Earth. James E. Sorcerer's Ring Bundle Books Harvest of Souls. Annelie Wendeberg. Sorcerer's Ring Bundle Books 10,11, Clash of Catalysts. Elemental Power. Rachel Morgan. A Darkness in the East. Aaron Pogue. Plus, surely at some point there will be a dragon blade…something. That should be cool. The fight is inconclusive, because a sandstorm is coming. Rather than leaving the Roman legion to die in it, Chan lets them into the city. And thus we enter the middle part of the film, which is a kind of cultural buddy training montage.

The Romans are just about to leave after the sandstorm when word arrives that the emperor has ordered that the decaying city be rebuilt in a crazy short amount of time. Those kicks were fast as lightning! In the midst of all this, pretty much out of nowhere, we get a riff on the rumble from West Side Story : Chan and some buddies spontaneously decide to do some choreographed line-dancing … er, martial arts; the Romans respond by showing off their own legendary legionary line-dance choreography. Then we have mock-fights where it turns out that both their ways of fighting have advantages.

Everyone celebrates, and everyone gets along, because life should be nice like that, damnit.

As this is all winding down, in fact, Chan is made an honorary centurion and we get a really long 5 minutes? Still, it was around this point that we finally got enough information flashbacks! Within flashbacks! In 53 BC one of the three most powerful men in Rome, Marcus Licinius Crassus the other two members of this so-called First Triumvirate were Pompey and Caesar , decided to lead seven Roman legions on a campaign to attack Parthia.


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They ran into the Parthians in the Battle of Carrhae, and though the Romans had more numbers they were wholly unprepared for the cavalry tactics they faced. They got their asses kicked.

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Crassus was killed, Legionary Eagles were lost, and more than 10, Romans were taken prisoner. Those prisoners were sent east to the frontier city of Merv in modern Turkmenistan , and there they disappear from history. This fellow had two sons. The older one was named Tiberius played by a scene-chewing Adrien Brody , and he killed his father and then blinded and poisoned his younger brother Publius in order to become consul. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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Dragon Blade (War of the Blades Book 2) Dragon Blade (War of the Blades Book 2)
Dragon Blade (War of the Blades Book 2) Dragon Blade (War of the Blades Book 2)
Dragon Blade (War of the Blades Book 2) Dragon Blade (War of the Blades Book 2)
Dragon Blade (War of the Blades Book 2) Dragon Blade (War of the Blades Book 2)
Dragon Blade (War of the Blades Book 2) Dragon Blade (War of the Blades Book 2)

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