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But when she tries to turn her into a prostitute, hiring her out to a sleazy member of Parliament Derek Godfrey , she discovers that a kiss triggers her repressed childhood memories and she becomes possessed by the murderous spirit of her father.

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John Pritchard Eric Porter , a disciple of a radical new theorist named Freud, happens onto the scene and is fascinated by Anna. He brings her into his home, determined to discover what drives this innocent young girl to kill. The cast and director Peter Sasdy do their best with an admittedly rather flimsy script. Hands of the Ripper is a worthy addition, boasting a top-notch HD transfer and very good mono sound. The Blu-ray release is another outstanding title from Synapse, one of the very best distributors in the business.

Adam Jahnke. Written on Thursday, 21 November In 18th Century Spain, an adopted boy becomes a werewolf and terrorizes the inhabitants of his town. Three distinguished English gentlemen accidentally resurrect Count Dracula, killing a disciple of his in process. The Count seeks to avenge his dead servant, by making the trio die in the hands of their own children. The infant daughter of Jack the Ripper is witness to the brutal murder of her mother by her father.

Fifteen years later she is a troubled young woman who is seemingly possessed by the spirit of her father.

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While in a trance she continues his murderous killing spree but has no recollection of the events afterwards. A sympathetic psychiatrist takes her in and is convinced he can cure her condition. Soon, however, he regrets his decision. Steinhauer BoM. I am an enthusiastic fan of the Hammer Studios, and my admiration for this brilliant Production Company gets greater with each film I see. The Hammer Studios are most famous for their films made in the late 50s and 60s, most prominently for the awesome "Dracula" and "Frankenstein" series. As far as I am considered, however, some of Hammer's films from the early 70s are just as brilliant as their older successes.

As a toddler, little Anna has to witness the murder of her mother by her own father - none other than the notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper himself. At the age of seventeen, Anna Angharad Rees lives at the house of an elderly lady, a phony medium who is perfectly willing to leave her 'granddaughter' to rich 'gentlemen' for money. After this 'grandmother' is brutally murdered, the rich doctor John Pritchard Eric Porter , a humanist and follower of Siegmund Freud, decides to take custody of poor Anna, both out of sympathy and for research reasons The film is immensely creepy and scary, with a suspense level that is higher than in most Hammer flicks, and the murders are brutal and very bloody.

The atmosphere is eerie and tense and, as usual for Hammer, the film is shot in great Gothic locations. The performances are great.

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Eric Porter delivers an excellent performance as Dr. Pritchard, and Angharad Rees deserves special praise for her outstanding performance in the role of Anna. All said, this is a shamefully underrated film.

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Creepy, stylish, excellently acted and stunningly suspenseful from the beginning to the end "Hands Of The Ripper" is a great gem from Hammer that no lover of Horror can afford to miss! Start your free trial.


Hands of the Ripper

Binge-worthy Streaming TV Series. I've been watching horror for 40 years, heres my top Hammer Horror. Hammer Films. Dark Period Pieces. Classic British Gothic Horror. Share this Rating Title: Hands of the Ripper 6.

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Hands of the Ripper Hands of the Ripper
Hands of the Ripper Hands of the Ripper
Hands of the Ripper Hands of the Ripper
Hands of the Ripper Hands of the Ripper
Hands of the Ripper Hands of the Ripper
Hands of the Ripper Hands of the Ripper
Hands of the Ripper Hands of the Ripper
Hands of the Ripper Hands of the Ripper
Hands of the Ripper

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