My Health is Your Wealth

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Your Health Is Your True Wealth

Thank you for sharing. This is so very true and becomes more relevant with each passing year. Click here to post a comment. Healthcare Leaders: Feeling a Bit Discombobulated? Share This! The reality is there is no quick, guaranteed way to built wealth or overcome years or decades of bad choices.

Building wealth takes time, effort, energy, and sacrifice. Yes, there are always people who get lucky lotto winners come to mind but those are extremely rare. Health — Diet books and fads sell by promising quick results.

What matters is whether they last. Wealth — You have to want to change your financial life for yourself in order to be successful. Not for your spouse, parents, friends or kids — but for you.

Manage your wealth like you manage your health

Health — You need to want to change your health for yourself. Those external forces work in the short run, but their impact wears off.

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No, you need to want to change your health for yourself. Only you can motivate yourself to change permanently.

Wealth — To build wealth, as I mentioned, takes time. Instead it needs to become part of the way you live your life, as natural to you as breathing. I loved this article.

Thank you for sharing and comparing these two important aspects of our lives. I never looked at the two from this perspective and found it to be very insightful. Keep up the great work and producing valuable content for your readers.

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We all appreciate your efforts!! Case in point- I got injured a few weeks before my first marathon. I did end up finishing, but the experience fell short of my expectations. I am focusing on my health right now, too. Cheering you on during your health journey!! I thought originally it was a waste of time but when I first started dieting and being healthy I started tracking calories etc with a my fitness app.

It really brought to attention what were problem habits much like a real budget helps with money issues. After awhile it became innate and I stopped doing the daily food diary and same would apply to money budgeting.

Your Health is your Wealth | River Holistic

After a certain level it becomes habit. Wealth and Health, love it. It is exactly what my current life is focused on. Got some good ideas from your blog as well. Thanks for sharing! Love this! Great article CMO, but respectfully the index card for health has to have exercise on it, not just eating healthy. The human body is amazing — work it out regularly and feed it healthy fuel and it will run like a well-oiled machine!

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Make it Automatic Wealth — Setting up automatic deductions to invest, and automatic payment of debt, helps keep willpower out of the equation. My experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds has shown me that these are feelings that many seemingly successful people grapple with at some point in their lives.

I created wealthwoke to help us explore some of the fundamental questions around this broader concept of wealth. These include:. I invite you to join me on this journey where I will share my own thoughts as well as pick the brains of fellow wealthwokers and subject matter experts ranging from investment specialists, financial planners, business leaders, social entrepreneurs, psychologists, and other humans who seem to have their shit together and are doing interesting and fulfilling things with their lives.

This journey is not only for people who have already made or are making good money — it is for everyone who has a sense that true wealth is more than just the accumulation of money. Wealthwoke content will range from text, to podcasts, to video and will include a forum for discussion on each topic on the site and on social media platforms. The wealthwoke community will also have the opportunity to raise issues and topics to be explored. Despite these efforts, my greatest journey is still before me — the journey to becoming truly wealthwoke. The Journey to W ealthwoke I had a plan.

These include: How do I identify my life goals and then invest, protect and manage my money in order to achieve theme? How do find purpose in my life and hopefully make a positive impact on this world?

My Health is Your Wealth My Health is Your Wealth
My Health is Your Wealth My Health is Your Wealth
My Health is Your Wealth My Health is Your Wealth
My Health is Your Wealth My Health is Your Wealth
My Health is Your Wealth My Health is Your Wealth
My Health is Your Wealth My Health is Your Wealth
My Health is Your Wealth My Health is Your Wealth

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