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Beyond the Horizon - Daniil Trifonov's journey through Rachmaninov. A collection of music by one of the most influential figures of the contemporary music.

We announce the exclusive signing of the Emmy-winning composer, cellist and singer. Celebrated Canadian pianist releases a complete cycle of Beethoven's piano concertos. Latest Releases.

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Joined by an orchestra formed by members from both German States and the four Occupation Powers, Bernstein captured not only the elation of the moment but conveyed a celebration of and a longing for freedom which extended far beyond the occasion. We are honoured to present a new reissue of this legendary concert! Lang Lang - Piano Book - Encore Edition Global superstar pianist Lang Lang is launching a new super deluxe digital version of his best-selling album Piano Book — the biggest classical album worldwide released this year.

Nuclear power plants will be allowed to operate for a maximum of 32 years. The first Energy Saving Ordinance comes into force. It sets standards for the overall efficiency of new and existing buildings. The first Act on Energy Efficiency Labelling creates transparency on the amount of energy consumed by products such as vehicles and domestic appliances. The EU adopts a climate and energy package with binding targets for the development of renewable energies, climate protection and energy efficiency.

Louis Palmer begins a journey around the world in the Solartaxi, a car powered entirely by solar energy. His trip takes 18 months. The Renewable Energies Heat Act stipulates that a certain amount of heat generation must be provided by renewable sources in new buildings. The Power Grid Expansion Act speeds up the approval process for new high-voltage power lines. The EU adopts a directive on the energy performance of buildings.

A major accident occurs in a nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan. Germany decides to phase out the use of nuclear power for electricity generation by , earlier than originally planned. Eight old plants are immediately switched off. The European Commission published the Energy Roadmap , a long-term strategy for climate protection and energy supply in Europe. Germany adopts the first Federal Requirements Plan Act on the necessary expansion of the electricity transmission network. Germany reforms the Renewable Energy Sources Act. The Act now includes annual development targets and imposes market integration.

The EU agrees on energy and climate targets for to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent, to increase the share of renewables to at least 27 percent and to reduce energy consumption by at least 27 percent.

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With a share of The European Commission presents a framework strategy for an energy union. This focuses on five areas:supply security, a fully integrated internal energy market, energy efficiency, decarbonising the economy and energy research. Germany restructures funding for renewable energies. As of , calls for tenders have been issued for all types of technologies.

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Hardly any other topic in German politics attracts as much international interest as energy policy. With the energy transition, Germany is pursuing an ambitious path to an energy policy which is more secure, affordable and sustainable. Interest is so great that the term Energiewende has found its way into the vocabulary of many different world languages.

This is a source of great pride for us. After all, the energy transition also means more international networking to secure more sustainable energy supplies. At the same time, we are seeing time and again that a number of questions and misunderstandings persist around the world. With the travelling exhibition on the Energiewende and this website, we want to explain to you what the energy transition is all about, what milestones have been achieved and what challenges remain. If you would prefer to read it in another language you can download various translations here. Further languages will be added continuously. The Energiewende is a fundamental restructuring and re-alignment of German energy policy. Yet, the Energiewende is multi-dimensional and goes far beyond the power sector.

A successful transition can only be achieved by considering — inter alia — transport, research and development, international coordination and public participation. E-Mail: info giz.

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November (German Edition) November (German Edition)
November (German Edition) November (German Edition)
November (German Edition) November (German Edition)
November (German Edition) November (German Edition)
November (German Edition) November (German Edition)
November (German Edition) November (German Edition)
November (German Edition) November (German Edition)
November (German Edition) November (German Edition)

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