Treasure Legends of North Carolina

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Legends of North Carolina

It swam around the ship three times, looking for a way to get back on board. Some folks have seen the ghost of the headless body searching for its head.

2. King John’s Lost Crown Jewels

This legend belongs to Blackbeard alone. It remains one of the most popular tales told about the man whom it took five pistol shots and twenty severe slash wounds to kill. Governor Charles Eden supposedly was in cahoots with Blackbeard and shared in his plunder. Many people of the time assumed that Eden was corrupt. Certainly Governor Spotswood of Virginia distrusted him. They asked the Virginia governor to intervene.

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But she was in love with a handsome sailor, and she gave him her ring to wear. She fainted dead away when she opened the box and soon died of a broken heart. She had four husbands and lived to a ripe old age.

The hunt for treasure is still on in South Carolina | News |

Skip to main content. Donate to the Museum. Session 6 Supplement: Blackbeard Legends. Government Kickbacks? Subscribe to our e-newsletter. In its move to St. In June of , Nazi Germany began the invasion of Russia. With Nazi soldiers just days away from St. Petersburg, Russian curators of the Amber Room did their best to hide it, covering the glittering walls with ordinary wallpaper. As the war progressed, the allies were closing in on Germany, and the Amber room was once again crated up—this time sent into the bowels of the castle.

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This was the last time the room was seen. Some say the crates containing the room were boarded onto a ship that was last seen crossing the Baltic Sea. The ransom and the chutes were delivered to the plane, the passengers and attendants were released, and the aircraft was re-fueled.

The , along with Cooper and key members of the flight crew, took off around pm, the plane being was tailed above and below, undetected by F fighter jets.

The most spectacular missing valuables in the USA

Twenty minutes into the flight, the crew, still locked in the cockpit, detected massive depressurization in the rear of the plane. After that, and for the next 2 hours, the rest of the flight remained suspiciously quiet. At pm, the landed as planned at Reno Airport. With the jet surrounded by officials of just about every level of law enforcement, the jet was boarded and searched, but Dan Cooper was gone. As to what happened to DB Cooper and the ransom money, plenty of theories exist.

The marked bills given to Cooper remained out of circulation for years. In February , a family vacationing in Vancouver, Washington uncovered three packs of bills on a riverbank of the Columbia River.

The discovery, though, created more questions than answered, especially since the bundles of cash were still in the same sequential order given to Cooper, with the exception of 10 missing bills. In July of , the FBI suspended the investigation of Cooper indefinitely, citing lack of resources and the need for manpower elsewhere. With his extensive knowledge of airports and flight protocols, Cooper was likely to have been an Air Force Veteran. On December 2, , 16 months after his escape from La Catedral prison, Pablo Escobar, the King of Cocaine, was shot to death in a shoot-out with authorities.

At the time of his death, his personal net worth was estimated to be well over 30 billion dollars. His large collection of luxury cars, houses, estates, bank accounts—anything in his name was seized. The farmer came stumbled across the loot, comprised of hundreds of barrels of cash when prepping the land for farming. The Heathrow International Trading Estate, located near the Heathrow Airport in West London, looks like any other warehouse in the world, with non-descript grey aluminum siding and oversized garage doors all surrounded by a worn concrete slab.

Top 10 Lost Treasures No One Can Find

Just six robbers made off with all of it. The group gained access to the warehouse, by security guard Anthony Black. Instead of getting 4. Along with the expected cash was over three tons of gold bullion, owned by Johnson Matthey—a British multinational company.

10 Real Places to Search for Legendary Buried Treasure

The other four robbers were never convicted, and most of the gold was never reclaimed. The group smelted down and recast as copper coins to fool authorities.

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  • Gold experts today believe that more than half of the gold stolen has been recirculated back into legitimate gold markets, making it indistinguishable from its original from. Rumors across London say that a major portion of the Docklands, a popular tourist spot on the River Thames, was bought up using the gold in the 80s and 90s.

    As for the rest of the bounty, its out there somewhere, probably next to all that Confederate gold and Escobar fortune.

    Treasure Legends of North Carolina Treasure Legends of North Carolina
    Treasure Legends of North Carolina Treasure Legends of North Carolina
    Treasure Legends of North Carolina Treasure Legends of North Carolina
    Treasure Legends of North Carolina Treasure Legends of North Carolina
    Treasure Legends of North Carolina Treasure Legends of North Carolina
    Treasure Legends of North Carolina Treasure Legends of North Carolina
    Treasure Legends of North Carolina Treasure Legends of North Carolina
    Treasure Legends of North Carolina Treasure Legends of North Carolina

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