Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition)

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Good Night sitemap Log in Your Account. Reference : FA Quantity : You must add 1 as a minimum quantity to buy this product. Will be sent within 24 to 72h Warning: Last items in stock! Pierre Dac et moi allons travailler ensemble! Il a raison, il sait chanter. En , il en choisit huit qui figureront sur deux super tours Vogue. Les belles moustaches. Alors, qui est Francis Blanche? Je lui retournai une magistrale paire de baffes : - Et moi sur les bijoux de famille …. Disques originaux : coll.

Photos et documents iconographiques : coll. At school — he was an excellent pupil — he had a preference for literature in general, and poems in particular, trying his hand at writing them from an early age. He was almost too shy to go and congratulate Dac during the intermission. Then war came, and it soon turned into a debacle. Francis left Paris but returned in when his father introduced him to Jean Rigaux, who booked him to appear at the Triolet. Swing au village was recorded in May , and shortly afterwards Blanche accompanied Trenet to Belgium for a tour. Here you can find a short-but-sweet 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, also known as La Cartomancienne, which was recorded by the composer, here heard on Radio Lausanne.

But the most lucrative songs were the ones he adapted from American hits. Beginning in , songs from the other side of the Atlantic landed at the same time as G. Among thenumerous French singers who picked it up was Victoria Marino, our choice.

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The song went round the world. Gosset and Saint-Granier recorded this old saw, but here we have left it to Tohama.


But that would change. It was set to music with Henri Leca, and he only recorded it himself in The weird, zany and rigorous humour of the first was an admirable match for the blacker, deadpan-but-exuberant humour of the second.

The delirium of their fantasies on radio began on March 6, On October 16, , the show changed its name. The pair still had their TSF microphones, but they also went on the boards. After the Trois Baudets episode, they presented a new revue at the A. The recording of a rehearsal at the A. The Quatre Barbus would record these last two songs later. To the rhythm of songs Whether on radio, in cabaret, in theatres or in films, songs often accompanied the multiple and multiform activities of Francis Blanche.

A last song by Francis, Gros Jean comme devant, later appeared in their concert repertoire. Francis makes records Suddenly, Francis Blanche decided to sing his own songs on record. And rightly so, because he could sing. In he chose eight of them for release on two Super 45 discs under the Vogue label.

Le Duc de Bordeaux and five new songs draped in tunes that were more or less traditional in style. Note that no other artist picked up any of these unreleased songs. It was a sign that they were the property of their author alone. This was the real Francis Blanche universe. Francis himself, too busy with his own activities, which were numerous and mostly in films, was rarely present; it made a lot of adaptation necessary, involving all kinds of last-minute acrobatics, and the adventures of Furax had to stop there.

Francis composed and sang the signature tune with a different verse for each episode the five were put together on a single track for inclusion in this set. Francis Blanche in darkened theatres In parallel with his other activities, as early as Francis Blanche had begun an acting career, sometimes adding the role of screenwriter and even writing the dialogue. Films were not an aside; Francis filled the silver screen and never abandoned it.

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In all, he appeared in films of all kinds and descriptions, and he made them often for reasons that had more to do with money than art. A few directors managed to make the most of his comic talents, notably Jean-Pierre Mocky cf. Francis would only ever make one film himself as director, but he wrote its songs! Francis wanted more than that, and so jumped at the chance of becoming a theatre actor.

None of which stopped Francis from racing over to appear in cabaret once the theatre curtains hadfallen. All four are representative of the satire in his style.

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The beginning of the Sixties saw Francis Blanche make his first appearances on television. Francis also recited his famous Berger in prelude to other poems; the place of poetry in the Blanche opus would become increasingly important. Songs were just one facet of his extraordinary work.

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  • Songs just provided a good part of his income. But there was one domain to which he remained loyal, and that was radio. Right from the very beginning — or almost — he was a relentless producer, inventor and presenter of programmes, series and serials. His first hoaxes over the telephone — he invented the genre — went on the air as early as Juddering his way through a palpitating existence was bound to have adverse effects on his ticker, and he was being treated for diabetes but probably not early enough.

    In July he went into a coma while in Dijon. He was transported to Pasteur Hospital in Paris, but died of a seizure.

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    • He was just I considered him my spiritual son. He was a wonderful poet. Underneath his deliberate cynicism he hid a heart that was too big… There were many people around him, but he only confided in sure friends. Who was Francis Blanche? People thought he was a cynic, but it was only his way of awkwardly? Pierre Dac was well placed to talk about it, because Francis Blanche remained a faithful friend until the end. When Pierre Dac almost put an end to his own life, Francis would speak to him over the telephone every day, and then he invited him to rest and recover his strength at his home in Eze-Village.

      Francis Blanche was the comedy of excess, sometimes to the detriment of the spectator. Like those illustrious figures who are too rich to lock their energy and talent away inside a single discipline, a single activity, Francis Blanche was by turns a humorist, actor, novelist, playwright, presenter, singer, poet, hoaxer, lyricist, screenwriter, producer, cabaret singer… he had so many strings to his bow that people took him for a harp! Francis Blanche was … a workaholic, a Stakhanovite whose work was humour. In the morning he wrote skits, and by early afternoon he was shooting a film; he presented an early evening radio show, went to the theatre to go onstage, and then wrote again at night, coming full circle … Nothing seemed capable of exhausting this talent that easily spilled over from his professional life to cover his entire existence.

      He lived his life like a perpetual show, one continuous improvisation. Pierre Arnaud de Chassy-Poulay himself put the whole thing together, of course. Blanche - P.

      Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition) Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition)
      Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition) Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition)
      Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition) Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition)
      Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition) Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition)
      Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition) Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition)
      Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition) Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition)
      Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition) Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition)
      Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition) Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition)
      Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition) Un hiver tout en blanc (Harlequin Prélud) (Prelud) (French Edition)

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