Voodoo Love (Episode 3) (Voodoo Love series)

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Disagreements occur between these best of friends, and to break out of their lease, the Ricardos invite Ricky's band over to play. Lucy returns to her ballet class, after many years, and then gets help on doing burlesque comedy, so she can be in Ricky's show. She finally is in the show, but not doing the routine required.

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Songs: "Martha". To discourage the young kids, the Ricardos age themselves to such a state that the 2 teens flee from the apartment. In order for Lucy to hide from Ricky that she is snooping in the new neighbor's the O'Briens apartment, she escapes into their closet and hears them planning to blow up the capital, not knowing that they're rehearsing a play. Cast: Hayden Rorke and K. Lucy tries to re-unite Fred and Ethel after their fight, by inviting them both to dinner, without telling each of them that the other has also been invited.

My Mad Fat Diary Season 3 Episode 3 Voodoo

As they forgive each other at dinner, Lucy and Ricky have a fight. She tries to get his sympathy by pretending she was run over by a bus. Cast: Hazel Pierce as waitress. Ricky won't shave off his mustache for Lucy, so she glues on a beard in retaliation, using Bulldog Cement by mistake.

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She has nothing that will remove the beard. When a movie producer visits, and enjoys Lucy's veiled Arabian dance, she is stuck when he asks to see her face. When Ricky tells Lucy to quit gossiping, she acts out, rather than tells, some gossip to Ethel about Betty and her husband Jack. The boys bet the girls to see who can prevent themselves from gossiping the longest. Ricky pretends to talk in his sleep about Grace Foster and later finds out Lucy gossiped to Ethel about it.

In the end, Lucy makes Ricky's talked-about gossip turn out to be true.

Alan is beginning his “Norfolk Nights” show:

Lucy and Ethel are gearing up to join the Society Matron's League and feel that washing dishes all these years has given them dishpan hands so they insist upon having dishwashers. Fred and Ricky bet the girls to see who goes the longest without using modern conveniences. Lucy and Ethel churn butter and make bread, but not without problems.

Love Thy Neighbour -S2E3 Clarkey Leaves

The men and women dress as they did at the turn of the century and when the Society Matrons League comes to do an inspection, Lucy gives them a piece of her mind. Cast: Florence Bates as Mrs. Pettybone , Ruth Perrott as Mrs. Lucy finds a mistake on their marriage license and goes to City Hall to fix it. Meanwhile, Fred has a friend at the license bureau, so Ricky has them jokingly revoke the license.

Lucy insists they re-create their wedding exactly as it happened. When Ricky sees Lucy sneaking silver items into their closet, he thinks she's a kleptomaniac. Fred and Ricky question her when she hides a cuckoo clock under her coat. A psychiatrist unsuccessfully hypnotizes her and she makes up a story of how she began to take things: "I saw a sign that said take one, so I took one".

Cast: Joseph Kearns as Tom Robinson. Lucy finds difficulty conversing with Ricky's Cuban friends and jealousy when she meets one of them named Renita. Lucy and Ethel dress as floor scrub-women to spy on Renita and Ricky at rehearsal. Lucy is appalled, and arranges for Fred to deliver Renita to the show by way of Philadelphia!

Lucy becomes horrified as she does the voodoo dance instead of Renita. Since buying sides of beef is a way to save money, Lucy and Ethel get a large freezer for the meat from Ethel's uncle.


Voodoo Love Series

Not knowing the size of a side of beef, they order way too much beef. Failing at trying to sell the meat secretly at the butcher shop, so as to keep from telling their husbands what they bought, they decide to hide the meat in the now turned-off furnace. Lucy gets locked into the freezer and is rescued when frozen.

After Fred lights the furnace, she remembers where she left the excess beef. Lucy proves to Ricky she can do commercials by taking apart their TV and performing inside of it. Ricky is unhappy with both her performance and for what she did to their TV. To get the job, Lucy tells the chosen actress that another girl's been hired.

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Down at the TV studio, Lucy is tasting the product, " Vitameatavegamin ", as she rehearses, until she gets the commercial acted right, but the contents of the product contains far too much alcohol. Lucy wants Ricky to gain attention through publicity, so she decides to pretend that she's a princess from a foreign country whose only wish is to see Ricky Ricardo sing.

To make his name even more public than usual, she phones and tells the papers not to print the arrival of the "princess" who would be staying at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. This sends a reporter to the Tropicana to cover Ricky's command performance for the expected lady of Royalty. Ethel is disguised as her lady-in-waiting, using her smelling salts to revive the fainting princess, with the reasoning, "You sing.

She swoon". Ricky's multi-numbered performance at the Club exhausts Lucy and Ethel so that they must rest up in their room at the Waldorf. They are soon invaded by "intruders" looking for the "princess" with "red and black hair". Lucy arranges for Ricky to be on a radio quiz show after he seems to know all the answers during a broadcast they listen to. He confesses to her he knew them because he was at the station while the show was in progress. Now that they're scheduled to be soon on the show, and Ricky is not wanting himself to look bad by giving wrong answers, she decides to visit the radio station.

While there, she finds a way to obtain answers to the questions they'd be asked. Preparing herself for the broadcast by studying the answers, she is surprised to find that for that night, the format of the questions will change, and that they must pull their questions out of a jar. They win the prize when Ricky unknowingly states the answer, by merely telling Lucy how he's feeling. After Lucy takes forever to dress for a dinner with Ricky's new boss, Mr. Littlefield, and makes them so late they miss the dinner, he puts her on a schedule.

He invites his new boss for dinner to show him that the schedule works. Littlefield informs Lucy they're coming to dinner to "watch you perform" which was Ricky's unfortunate choice of words. In order to prevent women from being set back in years by the schedule, and in retaliation against the men, Lucy, Ethel and Mrs. Littlefield over-emphasize to the men what it's like being on a schedule: no time for conversation, no time to finish each course at dinner, and to help deliver food quickly from the kitchen to the dining table in the living room, the rolls are thrown when Lucy calls out: "Ethel, let's have those biscuits!

Cast: Gale Gordon as Mr. Littlefield, Edith Meiser as Mrs. Ricky is horrified to notice his hair-line is receding. Lucy brings home the worse hair-restoring products she can find, in order to convince Ricky that the products and treatments aren't worth the worry about his hair.

Cast: Milton Parsons as Mr. Littlefield won't give Ricky a raise, so he quits. Lucy calls and makes reservations at the Tropicana, using made-up names, even phoning as if she's Tallulah Bankhead , with a plan that all these 'patrons' would get headaches and cancel at the last minute, leaving no one at the club to see Ricky's replacement sing.

But then, Lucy and the Mertzes decide that to convince the boss to hire Ricky back, they should pretend to be several different patrons of the club who, once they discover Ricky isn't there anymore, would leave the premises to show they'd rather see Ricky perform, than anyone else. Littlefield, Maurice Marsac as Maurice. Win prizes in our monthly contests I Love Lucy Contests.

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Voodoo Love (Episode 3) (Voodoo Love series) Voodoo Love (Episode 3) (Voodoo Love series)
Voodoo Love (Episode 3) (Voodoo Love series) Voodoo Love (Episode 3) (Voodoo Love series)
Voodoo Love (Episode 3) (Voodoo Love series) Voodoo Love (Episode 3) (Voodoo Love series)
Voodoo Love (Episode 3) (Voodoo Love series) Voodoo Love (Episode 3) (Voodoo Love series)
Voodoo Love (Episode 3) (Voodoo Love series) Voodoo Love (Episode 3) (Voodoo Love series)

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