War and Peace (Illustrated, Annoted) (eMagination Masterpiece Classic)

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The journal publishes evaluative case studies of community engagement initiatives; analyses of the policy environment; and theoretical reflections that contribute to the scholarship of engagement. Literacy and Numeracy Studies: An international journal in the education and training of adults is an international refereed journal which promotes research, scholarship and critical analysis of policy and practice concerning the many and complex ways that adult literacy and numeracy are implicated in the lives of young people and adults.

Adult literacy and numeracy practices are locally situated, influenced by the cultures and contexts of use. This journal not only explores the multiple understandings of adult literacy and numeracy in policy and practice but also what people do with their skills, and how they use them with different texts and modalities and in differing contexts. Portal Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies is a fully peer reviewed journal dedicated to the publishing of scholarly articles from practitioners of—and dissenters from—international, regional, area, migration and ethnic studies, and it is also dedicated to providing a space for the work of cultural producers interested in the internationalization of cultures.

International Studies in Portal refers to studies of contemporary societies and cultures in relation to processes of transnationalization, polyculturation, transculturation, transmigration, globalization, and anti-globalization, and to material and imaginative responses by people and communities to those processes.

Portal aims to achieve a genuinely multidisciplinary mix of approaches to international studies by scholars working in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Cultural Studies, and by cultural producers working anywhere. Greater attention is needed on the humanitarian dimensions, uses and applications of projects and project management. Researchers can provide relevant evidence-based information to empower practitioners, and Project Management Research and Practice has been conceived, developed and published to do this.

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We also publish scholarly contributions on history-related matters from those in other disciplines. The journal aims to engage academic historians more fully with the concerns of the public and public history work and seeks to articulate creative tensions between theory and practice.

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We welcome reviewers! Ashton uts. African Journal of Information and Communication Technology AJICT is an international journal providing a publication vehicle for coverage of topics of interest to those involved in computing, communication networks, electronic communications, information technology systems and Bioinformatics. It is serving as an open source vehicle of the works of researchers in ICT world wide that hitherto would not be available to organisations outside and within the African sub-region.

This journal is no longer accepting submissions. Submissions can be made to Project Management Research and Practice. The Journal of Project, Program and Portfolio Management publishes peer reviewed scholarly articles - qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods research papers as well as theoretical and exploratory papers - covering the many and varied aspects of project portfolio management, program and project management.

In order to link theory with practice it also publishes original and innovative practice case studies which are reviewed for relevance to practitioners by members of the editorial board. From time to time the journal also publishes opinion pieces on contemporary issues on topics of interest to its readers and book reviews. Since the journal is published online it is able to incorporate multimedia content in the articles and case studies submitted by authors.

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Provincial China is a peer reviewed journal publishing research on the contemporary People's Republic of China. Research in this field needs to address the consequences of the inherent variation in social and economic development across the country.

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During the reform era, in particular, as the provincial-level political and administrative hierarchy has increased in importance, and with new emphases on provincial and local identities, research needs to focus less on the centre and more on regional and local developments and diversification.

This is the particular perspective of Provincial China.

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Provincial China contains sections on statistics; theoretical perspectives and discussion; news of projects in progress; professional activities, conferences and workshops; information about sources, documents and materials; ideas and information about provinces in general; and photos. Public Communication Review is a peer-reviewed online journal publishing scholarly articles, high standard professional practice papers, and case studies which deal with topical issues in relation to advertising, media, organisational communication and public relations in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

In particular, PCR focuses on the integration of theory and practice and publishes scholarly articles which deductively interpret how theories inform applied Best Practice in public communication, and which inductively analyse empirical research and contemporary practices and how they inform public communication theory. Public Space: The Journal of Law and Social Justice is a peer reviewed, multi media, online, law journal which draws on cross disciplinary research and scholarship to address social justice issues of immediate and wide ranging concern.

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Public Space also includes an Open Space for non-refereed contributions, including reviews, links to other journals or conferences, and discussion. But the sound moves him as if he might discover in it something eternally important, something unlike he has ever known before, something that is, at the same time, hazily familiar.

When the For nearly fifty years E. Wayles Browne has been a unique and almost irreplaceable intellectual resource for specialists in Slavic linguistics, working on a myriad of topics in a variety of languages and from a range of theoretical perspectives. He has been a subtle yet persistent force in bringing Slavic puzzles to the attention of the larger world of linguists Cynthia M. Author Anne Applebaum estimates that as many as 18 million people passed through the Gulag between and And, as Lynne Viola has documented in her Unknown Gulag, The letters to Princess Volkonskaya published in this book reflect nearly thirty years of Russian and European history: the Napoleonic Wars, victory and the subsequent upheavals, the religious struggles between the Russian Orthodox Church and the growing influence of Roman Catholicism.

Her correspondents included Tsar Alexander I with whom she had at least a very close relationship , Cardinal Consalvi the The subject of this book is unusual and deceptively simple: two authors, one young, one old and ailing, maintain a conversation over a period of five years. Lord Novgorod the Great: Essays in the History and Culture of a Medieval City-State is one of several major works Henrik Birnbaum produced as part of his extensive research in this area, including a second book with Slavica in Novgorod in Focus , still in print as of this writing.

Two other books appeared with other publishers, so this Edited, translated, and annotated by John S.


The original Croatian poems have been added in order to create a bilingual edition. The earlier translations have been This book is a description of the verbal morphology of the Macedonian literary language. However, unlike analyses which have preceded, it is concerned not only with presentation of the facts, but also with justification of the claims it makes relating to the structure of the assignment of meaning to form, the structure of the conjugational unit, and the grammatical function Allan K.

His interests ranged across workers, intellectuals, soldiers, and peasants, and across broad time periods.


His students have built upon that to offer this collection of stimulating essays. The articles From the Introduction: This volume honors the extraordinary life, path-breaking career, and pioneering scholarship of a truly modest woman—Professor Marina Viktorovna Ledkovsky, Barnard College emerita. The murdered princes Boris and Gleb enjoy a privileged status in the pantheon of Russian saints.

Their vitae are ranked among the masterpieces of medieval Kievan literature.

Gargantua and Pantagruel / by Francois Rabelais

Nonetheless, fundamental questions remain about the circumstances of their life and death, the propagation of their legend and the nature of their veneration. Traditionally, the history of the cult and the texts have Gershenzon's work is a luminous and intuitive examination of the relationship between Turgenev's art and his personality, and of the pervading theme that unites Turgenev's work to that of other nineteenth-century Russian writers.

daririwert.tk Medieval Slavic Texts, Volume 1 is a collection of medieval texts, reprinted for students of Slavic philology, and representing a wide range of genres, language variants, and orthographic systems. As the title implies, the original intention was to continue the series with later texts, but this never actually happened. Nevertheless, this collection provides a selection of useful texts in accessible Historians of the Russian revolution have paid little attention to the part played by the Mensheviks in the democracy that governed Russia from February to Lenin's coup d'etat in October.

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The only previous monograph on the Mensheviks in is a polemic published in Moscow which actually focuses on Lenin, and there is no description of the Menshevik party Durst-Andersen develops a new conceptual framework for the clarification of the relations between verbal, sentential, and utterance meaning and aspectuality. The book takes up some of the hardest problems of Russian aspect usage, e.

Of the 21 papers and abstracts represented in this volume, 13 are directly related Since the seventeenth century was a critical period for the development of modern Russian, this study focusses on a relatively unified group of texts from one period and subjects them to a detailed and careful analysis. Constant comparisons to the situation in modern Russian are made. The six chapters are: Introduction; Non-prefixal pairs; Prefixal pairs; Parallel prefixation; Prefixal-suffixal pairs, and Morphosyntax in Slavic was the first of three major collections of articles on Slavic morphosyntax which helped define the research agendas of Slavic linguists during the period when syntactic theory was becoming more highly constrained and therefore more complex than it had been during the first two decades of Chomskyan theory.

Even today they are splendid examples of linguistic argumentation This study provides a psychological investigation into the mother-son relationship in Russian folk and literary tradition. Beginning with the byliny, it examines the origins of the strong woman figure whose power over her sons results in their regressive behavior and inability to sever the oedipal ties with her. Decades after escaping the Nazis as Be it a private room, an imperial square or street, or an architectural monument, Petersburg writers from the beginning of the twentieth century and beyond expressed Nationalism has been a driving force in the still unfinished era of nation-building in East Central Europe.

Conventionally traced to the late Enlightenment and the French Revolution, the rise of nationalism colored nineteenth-century understandings of democracy and provided fuel for aspirations to political independence. This volume brings together scholars from eight countries and focuses on nation-building and nationalism in East-Central This is a novelistic first-person account of a typical week in the life of a Soviet woman and her efforts to hold down two full-time jobs: one as a scientist in a laboratory, the other as a mother and wife.

The general problem is a familiar one in the West, too, but the story is full of intimate details of Negation in Slavic joins the ranks of recent studies on negation in its attempt to deepen our understanding of negation phenomena, and is unique in its breadth and diversity of approach. What began as the proceedings of the Workshop on the Syntax and Semantics of Negation held during the 32nd Annual Poznan' Linguistics Meeting developed into a refereed volume of New Labor History marks a first return to labor and workers' history in the Russian field after a decade when most historians turned to other issues.

In this collection, established scholars join with younger researchers to bring new materials, innovative methods, and fresh interpretations to bear on the study of the workers' role in late tsarist and revolutionary history Inspired by his work, the essays in this volume reflect the dynamism of this field as it reinvents itself using the creative tools of cultural history.

Transcending older East-West comparisons and the Cold War Religious, opinionated, conservative, and chauvinistic, his work challenged the atheistic and communist foundation of the Soviet state. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Dostoevsky rapidly became the most popular Russian classic. Taking advantage of the freedoms that came with glasnost, Russian scholars have produced Along with an analysis of the New York Missal itself a Croatian Glagolitic manuscript of the second quarter of the 15th century , this volume represents a statement of the phonetic, orthographic, and graphic characteristics of Croatian Church Slavonic during the 14th and 15th centuries.

In it the author attempts to define criteria for linguistic and paleographic dating and localizing of The first, and larger, part of the volume all the papers from Aronson's through Tuite's are homage to the great Georgian scholar, Akaki Shanidze The remainder of the papers cover a variety of topics. We would particularly call your attention to the papers of Catford and Colarusso, which have great theoretical and typological significance.

From the Brown University Slavic Reprint Series: Professor Thomas Winner in his Introduction notes that this work "has stimulated further examinations of Czech metrics as well as structural studies of verse in general. Its importance lies not only in the brilliant elucidation of Czech versification and the incisive arguments against Josef Kral's school of accentual metrics, but also in the The name and scholarly writings of Ol'ga Mikhailovna Freidenberg thorugh remained poorly known in Russia and in the West for a long time, and it is only recently that her life and works have begun to attract the attention of scholars in the Humanities.

Experts in Classical studies find in her writings an encouraging approach to the genesis However, the book has never been distributed widely in Russia, where its primary readership is actually located, so this seemed like an The first systematic view of onomatopoeia focuses on the relationship between onomatopoeia and grammar in Czech. It demonstrates that onomatopoeia as a linguistic device can add a special dimension and depth to the progression of text, such as the type of sound source, volume, size, path, property of movement, tactile nature of the moving object, and the landing site.

A portion of the editors' introduction states:.

War and Peace (Illustrated, Annoted) (eMagination Masterpiece Classic) War and Peace (Illustrated, Annoted) (eMagination Masterpiece Classic)
War and Peace (Illustrated, Annoted) (eMagination Masterpiece Classic) War and Peace (Illustrated, Annoted) (eMagination Masterpiece Classic)
War and Peace (Illustrated, Annoted) (eMagination Masterpiece Classic) War and Peace (Illustrated, Annoted) (eMagination Masterpiece Classic)
War and Peace (Illustrated, Annoted) (eMagination Masterpiece Classic) War and Peace (Illustrated, Annoted) (eMagination Masterpiece Classic)
War and Peace (Illustrated, Annoted) (eMagination Masterpiece Classic) War and Peace (Illustrated, Annoted) (eMagination Masterpiece Classic)

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