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Wallace, who purportedly arranged the screening of the film, "I've never seen anything like it. We weren't expecting the reaction to be so violent. People were screaming, they were shouting, they were trying to kill each other. I don't even know how I managed to get out [of the theater]. It's all a blur in my head. I can't figure out what happened. Perhaps the most ominous warning comes from a woman identified as psychologist Marie-Helene Dache, who claimed, "Everybody was affected by this hateful craze, which spread like a virus.

Consider these options while in combat:.

Chaotic Tactics. The demon chooses its targets at random.

Whichever number comes up, that creature is the one the demon attacks. Evil Slaughterer. In contrast to the rule above, the demon always makes sure its prey dies as painfully and as horribly as possible. The demon prioritizes creatures that are at 0 hit points over all other targets, and tries to kill them as quickly as possible. Beyond the specific information presented in that description, also consider these general traits which will help you play almost any demon.

What Is a Demon?

Chaotic Mind. As beings of cosmic chaos, demons are unable to focus on a single task for more than an instant. The only exceptions are when the demon is obeying the direct command of a Demon Lord, or when it is bound to a specific course of action by a geas or another form of magical compulsion, an enchantment typically placed upon it by the mortal that summoned it into the Material Plane.

Evil Spirit. Every demon is different. To further diversify the infinitely mutable hordes of the Abyss, demons can also take on characteristics of the Demon Lord they serve.

Imagine Dragons - Demons (Official Video)

Demons that serve Baphomet the Horned King, for instance, are especially bestial in appearance and temperament, growing massive horns from their heads and gaining the keen directional intuition of a minotaur. Likewise, demons in the service of Yeenoghu the Beast of Butchery may become hyena-like in appearance, and gain an endless appetite for carrion. That same chapter describes Demonic Boons that those Demon Lords can grant to their faithful mortal followers. You can customize your demons further by giving them those Demonic Boons to tie their appearances and abilities more closely to the Demon Lord that they serve.

Just as the Infinite Depths of the Abyss extend eternally downward, so too are its hordes infinite in their vastness.

What does demon mean?

The Abyss teems with the souls of the damned. For every fearsome, demi-godly balor , there are millions, perhaps billions, of pathetic manes and dretches. There are as many demons in the Abyss as there are droplets of water in all the oceans of the world. Scholars of demonology can theoretically comprehend this fact as true, but witnessing it—actually traveling to the Abyss and seeing the writhing tide of fiendish flesh within the howling, infinite void of extraplanar nothingness—is enough to shatter even the most resilient mind.

Even if one were to kill a thousand demons across the planes, it would have no effect unless that warrior were to take their battle directly to the Abyss itself, for a demon killed outside of the Abyss is reconstituted some time later within the churning depths of its home plane.

The evolution of a monster

Only those killed within the Abyss itself are destroyed for good. Nowhere else in the multiverse can such a horrible sight be seen, but one place comes close. The first of the Nine Hells and the front lines of the Blood War, Avernus is filled with roving bands of demons, emerging from the River Styx which acts as a corridor between the Abyss and the Nine Hells, clashing endlessly against devils.

Even if your players go to the front lines of the Blood War itself, how can you possibly impress upon them the incomprehensible horror of an enemy that is truly infinite in both number and evil? Swarming like Rats. When the characters face a demon in combat, that demon is always joined by a group of manes.

The Worst Demons To Get Possessed By

For instance, a shadow demon would be accompanied by 4d4 manes, and a balor would be joined by a whopping 19d4 manes. These pathetic demons could be used as combatants, but you would be better off having them serve as an environmental effect. Perhaps a space occupied by four or more manes counts as difficult terrain and deals 1d4 slashing damage to any hostile creature that walks through it. Each swarm of manes is composed of 8 manes. Note that turning the otherwise nebulous swarms of manes into a distinct creature makes them significantly more deadly than before.

A Glimpse of the Abyss. When a demon is killed outside of the Abyss, consider adding a minor cosmetic effect to its death. In the exact instant the demon is destroyed, the creature that killed it has a split-second vision of the spot in the Abyss where the demon begins to regrow. In that moment, the creature can see thousands of other demons swarming over its cocoon like so many termites. How have you played demons in your game? Do you have any stories of truly terrifying demonic encounters? Amazing article as always! Keep up the great work! Great Article! This pairs nicely with the Devil's article, and Descent into Avernus should be even better with these.

Just one minor typo, though: "Other creatures like a bugbear or an [Tooltip Not Found] Ah, our old friend, [Tooltip Not Found], a creature so Chaotic it cannot even be linked to. The only reason for a demon to capture and not kill is if he wants to torture, and a demon will usually only capture if he has a reason to torture that specific person. It makes a great hook to pull players in a specific direction. Oh god.

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What's funny is that this article has been ready for a few days and nobody thought to proofread it. The swarm gets HP for each creature in the swarm, retains its AC and defensive properties, but takes double damage from a spell or attack that travels in a beam, and triple damage from a splash aoe spell like a fireball.

Where the Demon Is Where the Demon Is
Where the Demon Is Where the Demon Is
Where the Demon Is Where the Demon Is
Where the Demon Is Where the Demon Is
Where the Demon Is Where the Demon Is
Where the Demon Is Where the Demon Is
Where the Demon Is Where the Demon Is
Where the Demon Is Where the Demon Is

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