Yulia 5/10 ! (Arts & Photography Book 2)

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Happy Halloween!! What card did you pull this morning? Did it mean something to you? Do you trust your instincts? I know I should!

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Happy birthday to this awesome kiddo! I am trying to find the ways to create something new and unique from old and discarded. My message to the world is to limit our consumption and reduce waste, but restore and recycle instead - this is how my Useful Art came to existence today". Svetlana Malyavskaya. The first exhibition of unique and very talented artist Svetlana Malyavskaya has been success!!

It is still open till Monday at Sealed Art, Hamilton. I am privileged to grow up in her native Sakhalin Island, Russia.

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When I came to take photos of her art to prepare for exhibition, I didn't know she is from my dear motherland!! What a small world. I do believe my inspiration and passion grew in unison with Pacific ocean waves hitting the shores of Sakhalin. I do believe in amazing people crossing our paths and bringing order and sense to this uncertain world.

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Want to know if its time for fall photos yet? Sneak peek from yesterday, thank you Yulia for opening the season!! I know I need it!! Yum yum, she loved the cake!! My little client turning ONE! Please grow with me, Ill be around for your special days, yummy cheeks! Each of the first eight lines of any given stanza is only twelve syllables long, and the alexandrine turns into fourteen syllables, following the traditional template of Japanese poetry.

Many readers of The Spenser Review are surely familiar with the traditional cadence and syllable count of a haiku: Combinations of 7-syllable and 5-syllable units form the basis of classical Japanese poetry and drama.


As Toshiyuki Suzuki explains in his review, this brevity is achieved through strategic omissions namely, of dispensable copulas, pronouns, and redundant epithets, which are sometimes relegated to footnotes , and through occasional choices of a plainer, more colloquial diction. What is essential, and what is nonessential?

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In the second instance, we revert to the normal Japanese reading of the word, keibetsu , again as indicated by furigana — in hiragana this time, the regular Japanese script. At times, especially in stanzas when two of the brothers are mentioned, and when the metre requires it, only their differentiating names are used: Foy, Joy. The first is the transformation of Malbecco into the allegorical monster Jealousy.

The second is the torture of Amoret, which ultimately lifts the imposition of allegorical meaning on an unwilling body.

I should mention, first of all, how much I admire the translation. Malbecco may not die, Spenser suggests, but his spirit is fore-damned. Forgot he was a man. What kind of transformation is it? Has Malbecco forgotten his human body?

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FQ III. These necessary compressions in translation in no way diminish the horror of the scene. There is no question that Amoret is to be pitied, and that her torturers are monsters. In modern Japanese, shinigami can mean Death personified, a meaning influenced by western conceptions of such a deity. Tremmel's work explores spaces of play and pleasure, including the body, as historically significant sites of social struggle where people negotiate complex constellations of power.

He is particularly interested in the ways marginal erotic bodies transgender, queer, stripper, etc.

Yulia Terentieva

Tremmel earned his doctorate in American History from the University of Chicago. In , he founded the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity at Tulane University, where he teaches history and gender and sexuality studies. That everything around us has a creative viability with the potential to spur new thinking and imaginative output and that the most necessary ingredient to bringing the sustainable, humane changes we need and want for our world requires creativity in all lives, every single day.

Yulia 5/10 ! (Arts & Photography Book 2)
Yulia 5/10 ! (Arts & Photography Book 2)
Yulia 5/10 ! (Arts & Photography Book 2)
Yulia 5/10 ! (Arts & Photography Book 2)
Yulia 5/10 ! (Arts & Photography Book 2)
Yulia 5/10 ! (Arts & Photography Book 2)

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