Zombies!!! (Free to Take)

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The longer your win streak, the more rewards you get.

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The better the streak, the better the rewards! Spend Gems to keep your win streak alive and win another Battlez level to get more win streak prizes. That will give you ideas to improve your own score and help you scout other players.

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You have to have at least 10 plants unlocked to enter a Tournament. Battlez Island is greyed out if you need to unlock more plants.

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The game-screen will show you how many plants you need. You can also use Free Plays or spend Gauntlets to enter Tournaments.

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One Free Play is available every four hours. The top three players from a leaderboard get promoted at the end of a Tournament and get to go on to the next League. The top of the leaderboard shows how long until the current Tournament ends.

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Tap on the i button on the Leaderboards to see all of the leagues and their maximum end-of-Tournament rewards. Still, every time a criminal act of cannibalism makes headlines, the Internet comes alive with chatter about an impending zombie apocalypse. A spate of flesh-chomping that occurred earlier this year, including the famous " Miami zombie attack ," even prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to reassure people that the zombie apocalypse isn't coming.

But judging by the ongoing interest in zombies, not everyone was convinced. Fortunately, these tips will help you weather many other types of disasters, too, from hurricanes to tornadoes to pandemic virus outbreaks.

Plants vs. Zombies Game Review - Download and Play Free Version!

So whether or not you believe in the living dead, read on. If a zombie attack or some other catastrophe crippled society's infrastructure, you wouldn't want to be stuck without basic necessities.

Keep an emergency kit in your house. According to the CDC, this kit should include enough supplies to last you until you're able to make your way to a zombie-free refugee camp or disaster shelter, or until utility lines are restored. Here's the gear you need to survive zombie doomsday :.

Zombies!!! (Free to Take) Zombies!!! (Free to Take)
Zombies!!! (Free to Take) Zombies!!! (Free to Take)
Zombies!!! (Free to Take) Zombies!!! (Free to Take)
Zombies!!! (Free to Take) Zombies!!! (Free to Take)
Zombies!!! (Free to Take) Zombies!!! (Free to Take)

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